Sister Erickson

Sister Erickson

Monday, October 26, 2015

Hey everyone! 
Long time no email. It's been a crazy couple of weeks with my new companion! Sister smith is from Preston, Idaho and almost every person we talk to about that comments on Napoleon Dynamite. it's pretty good. 

Things have been great here :) It's always cooling down a little more all the time. We are down to 85, which is perfect :) 

So I am still currently in the West Palm Beach area. We have been working with 2 people that we knocked on their door. The first is Brooke. We knocked on her door and asked to pray with her, she gave us a really weird look, then said we could come in. When the prayer was through, she had a complete countenance change and was blown away that we had found her. She came to church this week and after we told her about Joseph Smith's desire to learn and the vision he had, she said "Oh, so he was called to be the next prophet?" She has high desires to be baptized so we are continuing to work with her.

The other is Anderson. He is from Haiti, he loves the book of mormon which he reads in Creole, and he has asked about baptism as well. We go over with haitian members and they translate any things that he doesn't understand for him. So cool that we get to work with him, God is blessing us. he is such an example of humility and love to me. 

I love the Lord and my theme and adapted saying from this week is "God knows." there are a lot of things that we don't know but as we come to Him with open hearts and a humble attitude, He will let us know His will. I am so grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ and for everything He has done for me. I know that He has a love for us that we cannot comprehend!! As we base our own journeys and conversions on Him, then God will not be astray. I am so privileged to come to know Him better and to walk a sliver of the road that He has. Thank you for your examples to me! 
Love Sister Erickson 

Last day with Sister Morrow

First day with Sister Smith

Tuesday, October 13, 2015


hi all :)
this week was transfers and I will be staying here in West Palm Beach :) I'm really excited to continue to work with our awesome ward and to continue to find those that are ready for this truth! God has a lot in store for this area, I pray that I will be able to be worthy to see miracles here. 

One miracle from this week happened with a less active member from our ward. We saw his name on a list we had and realized that we hadn't met with him before. We went to his house to introduce ourselves and he was so welcoming to us! Which is uncommon in our ward because a lot of people in our area were baptized, came to church for about a month, then didn't want any association with the church after that. but Jose talked with us and I could tell that his testimony in God and the principles of the gospel haven't changed for him. We went into his house and met his girlfriend Kaitlyn that isn't a member of the church. after a little discussion, they both showed interest in coming to church this sunday. they wanted to get back into the swing of things and Kaitlyn wants to take the lessons! 

It's starting to cool down here, down to 88! so that's good. it's crazy what you get used to. 

My comp Sister Morrow is transferring out and I will have a new companion tomorrow. We had interviews with our mission president this week as well and he gave me permission to continue to study spanish and to work on gospel terms in sign language! so hopefully that goes well.

I love is here in Florida and most of all, I love missionary work! May the Lord bless all of you. Continue to have high faith in Him and in the events in your life. He has a beautiful plan for all of us. 
Sister Erickson

Our cute 15 year old friend Wilna that comes to teach with us :)

Monday, October 5, 2015

Hey everyone! I hope everyone enjoyed their week! And General Conference! for those that don't know what that is, it is where the prophet and apostles gather together and give us counsel from the Lord to help us out with our lives and to help us come closer to Christ. I know that these men are called of God and gave us the messages that we need to here. If you weren't able to check it out, go to and listen! 

We had some awesome miracles this week that just testified of God's timing. This week's miracles came through our ward! A mother of a recent convert that we had gotten close with was sent to the hospital this week for an emergency. We had plans to go see her and to try our best to uplift her, but our day seemed to change and we had way too many plans, plus we needed to knock for an hour as well. We chose to knock for an hour to be exactly obedient and afterwards, we had people call us and cancel appointments for that evening. Our schedule cleared up so we chose to go see this member. As we pulled into the hospital parking lot, we saw our high priest group leader and the 1st counselor in our bishopric, there to give her a blessing!! God's timing is so perfect and He wanted us all there at the same time to help her. It was a very touching experience!

I know that God is very aware of all of us. We are His children and we are all very special to Him. he loves us with a perfect love that we can't even comprehend! In times of hardship and struggle, confusion or difficulty, Jesus Christ has been there. He suffered for our sins so that He can know best how to help succor us. That is truly a love that we will never be able to understand. But I know that God has given us the keys and tools to be completely happy and that He is very merciful to prepare a perfect way back to be with Him. And that is through Jesus Christ. I love Him so much for His sacrifice. I love you all! thanks for your testimonies to me! 

Love Sister Erickson