Sister Erickson

Sister Erickson

Monday, August 24, 2015

Florida..... It's a weird place

Hey y'all! Hope everyone is doing awesome!

Today I'm going to share some interesting facts/ weird things you see in Southern Florida.

1. all sprinkler systems here smell like sulfur and rotten eggs.
2. Once while biking this week, we stopped at a stop light and a guy drove up with blaring jazz music and out of nowhere... he's playing his trumpet. Out the window. It was like jazz band karaoke.
3. Instead of saying gunna, or going to, everyone says finna. For example, "I finna get you some water."
4. I meet more haitians than any other race here. I wonder if there are any haitians left in haiti! haha.
5. In the middle of saying prayers with people we meet, we have to pause after every sentence because odds are, someone is going to say "amen" or "praises" in the middle of your prayer.
6. Stake conference consists of Haitians, Latins, African Americans, and white missionaries. 2 of the 3 songs we had for conference were sung in Spanish.
7. I have learned to say "We are missionaries for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints" in spanish and i'm working on learning door approaches and what to say when I want to give someone a card on the street.
8. The Florida sunsets are the most amazing things I've ever seen!
9. Blinkers on cars are just an indication that you are from out of town. No one here uses them at all. Plus if you are at a green light for longer than 1 second, then you have 15 upset drivers that begin honking at you like crazy!
10. There are so many made up churches here. This week we knocked into a pastor that organized his own church that took a piece of every religion and combined into one.

I love Florida! The people are weird, but they are so awesome as well! I'm doing great, thanks for the prayers!

Sister Erickson

Dinner on the side of the road

Biking for days

done with week 5!

P.S. my email will come in on tuesday next week due to transfers :)

Monday, August 17, 2015

One month down... WHAT??

Hey everyone! Hope you've all been good!

So this week's story is about Tony. he is so awesome and though he wont be baptized this month, he will be in september!  We were in a lesson with him and a member of the bishopric that we invited over and at the end, we were going to pray then the spirit told us to tell him, "Tony, after this prayer, let's stand in silence, with our eyes closed and see what God wants us to hear." he prayed and we stood there. the spirit was so strong in my heart. I opened my eyes and so did Sis. Morrow and Bro. Jean Charles (he's haitian). tony stood there for a long time with his eyes closed and when he opened them, his face was glowing and he said "I have NEVER felt that way. Ever." He was able to feel the Holy Ghost speak to him! It was a game changing lesson and it was awesome to see myself be a tool in God's hand. I love being a missionary!

things are staying busy here! I love it so much. Missionary work is the coolest thing and I'm so glad that i get to be a part of it!

Hope everyone is good :) keep on keeping on and keep on trusting God! He loves you all so much!

Sister Erickson