Sister Erickson

Sister Erickson

Monday, June 13, 2016

Hey y'all!
What a week. Lots of action happening in Estero YSA.
 One of our rescues from this week named Hunter felt the Spirit so strong as we shared the Restoration with him to begin his reactivation lessons. He felt touched during the first vision and the Spirit brought to his mind a friend of his that has agreed to take the discussions!! Miracles are everywhere. 
This week we expressed the need for urgency for our investigator Domanique. She has LOVED everything that she has been learning but been a little fearful about baptism. But no worries, she has a date for the 25th! And we are going to go to the temple with her on Wednesday. She is so excited to be baptized so that she can finally pay her tithing that she has been saving up for the last month. 
I've learned a lot about faith this week from the zone training, from Domanique, from my studies, and from exchanges. I know that when we expect miracles, God manifests His hand. When you're being afraid, you're not giving God the opportunity to be powerful.
Yesterday, we went to see a kid named RJ who's mom is a member of the church but his dad is not. He hasn't been very active lately so we went to share a message with him and we ended up sharing it with him and a bunch of his siblings! We watched The Hope of God's Light (AMAZING video. All of you should watch it. ) RJ's cousin who is 14 watched and i couldn't help but watch him the whole time. I could tell from his expression that the message provided light and hope to whatever he was going through. Afterwards he was so happy and grateful we had come over. I learned that you never know what others are going through and it is critical to follow promptings we receive because we never know who they could help. 
Our investigator shared a quote with us this week that had a big impact on me. "If you could see the size of the blessing coming, you would understand the magnitude of the of the battle you are fighting." Isn't that great?! There are good things to come. Especially when we choose Christ. 
Other eventful things that happened this week, a truck full of frat boys drove past us as we were walking on the sidewalk. Someone yelled "Love you!" and before we knew it, there was sauce on our legs and a half eaten piece of pizza on the ground. What a waste of pizza.
Love you all. Remember to always keep your head up and don't let the flying pizza get to ya.
Sister Erickson

L to R: Sister Smith (one of my former companions!)
Sister Soto- my comp for the day
Sister Tilby

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