Sister Erickson

Sister Erickson

Monday, August 22, 2016

this week has been great! We've seen SO many miracles. It has been a couple of really impactful days that have molded and shaped how this transfer will be! One day before we went to a meal appt, we decided to knock just one door at a college complex before we left- we wanted to make the most of our time. The one door we knocked on we found a girl that received us and asked for us to come back! it was really cool to see how we were able to exercise our agency and see the Spirit bring us to the one that needed us there at that time. 
As a finding tool, we have gone through some notes of our of former investigators. Along with that, we have been calling people from the potential list and trying to invite to church and set up appts to see them. Often times with YSA, we will meet someone then we lose contact with them because they have "one" busy week then we'll just move on. That was the case with Zach, one of a couple that accepted a RA when we called! He told us that a year ago when he met the missionaries, he had so many things going on he just couldn't keep up. But then we went and taught the restoration and the next day he came to church and LOVED it. Was so excited to come back!! We are so grateful to be able to work with him, he told us he has been looking for a sign from God for truth. 
Along with that, the Lehigh elders passed us a YSA they had been working with for a while and she has a baptismal date for next weekend! Talk about miracle. We're excited to work with Skyler and get her eased into the YSA programs. 
I went on an exchange with Sister Jones in Cape Coral and she had sprained her ankle pretty good playing soccer. She had to be on crutches and was searching long and hard for a boot. Miraculously a woman that we had gone to do service with found us a boot at a thrift shop for $5! Our dinner that night, we got some tamales from a cute Mexican guy on the side of the road and when he saw that we were missionaries, he gave us tons for free! Bendiciones. 
I have been working really hard to develop more faith and to make boldness be one of the tools to do so. I finished reading BOM this week and I had gone through and highlighted every circumstance that talked about the Atonement. I know that it is real and that Christ knows each of us personally. I'm grateful for the Book of Mormon to help us learn more about what the Atonement is and how we can access it. What a powerful book.
Love you all!
Sister Erickson

Sister Jones, me, Sister Almeida, and Sister Larson

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