Sister Erickson

Sister Erickson

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Sister E from the MTC

What is up crew!!

Hope everyone is doing super awesome!! I love and miss you all.  Y'all are so great.

Two words to describe how things are going here: So good.  More than good.  I love it here.  Our district which consists of 9 missionaries, is the total bomb.  We are a huge family and know so much about each other. Most of the missionaries are from Utah but there is a sister from Canada, and Elder from Idaho, and an Elder from Boston.  They all know me as the Wyoming hick that shoots guns for fun, rides fourwheelers, and they make fun of how I talk sometimes which I don't think I really sound like they make me sound. Whatevs.  They also know me as the only sister in the zone that can play basketball and is good at it.. .  That's also a sick joke but cool that they remember me that way!

I have grown so much already, it's so crazy.  I have learned to pray more effectively, how to study effectively, (which I REALLY need in my life because I'm so distracted a lot of the time) and how to work well with others.  I am so blessed with the knowledge I have of Preach My Gospel already, some missionaries are struggling with those lessons.  But it has been so good.  I've also learned to make good use of my time.

Right now we are teaching 2 investigators.  The first lesson with the first was so awesome then all of my dreams were crushed when a sister told me they were MTC teachers.  The second investigator is a real investigator and it's been cool to see the spirit take the words from my mind and out of my mouth.  Because i'm pretty sure that Kylie would say something super stupid.  I love being set apart as a missionary and having the companionship of the Holy Ghost.  

Next tuesday we fly out to the sunshine state, I'm super stoked.  MTC is so sweet but I'm ready to be out of the classroom and to not have dinner at 4:30 at night haha.  

Thanks so much for the love and prayers, I can definitely feel them.  I hope you all remember that you have so much potential and can do so much good in the world.  I know that as we come unto Christ and have a desire and willingness to change, He will help us do that and so much more.  If we could only see what the Lord has in store for us.  Instead, we'll have to find it out for ourselves.  I know Jesus Christ lives and love you.  He is the very center of missionary work.  I know that He walks with us and when he isn't walking with us, He is carrying us.  

have a good week!! Catch ya on the flip side.

Sister Erickson

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