Sister Erickson

Sister Erickson

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

HURRICANE ERICA haha just kidding.

So hurricane Erica was supposed to happen this week! turns out it flipped around and decided to head another direction. Guess I'll have to experience that this next month some time! for my Wyoming people, all the locals here tell me that they would rather experience a hurricane than a snowstorm. So they think we have it worse. I would have definitely guessed the hurricane would be worse!

This week we saw many miracles! So about 3 weeks ago Sis. Morrow and I were biking to an appt and there was an old lady that had her hazard lights on and she was in the middle of the road. We stopped and pushed her car to the side of the road and she was sweating a lot because her A/C was off. We gave her some applesauce that we had, some water, and in invite to church. Well, 3 weeks later, she came to church! and one hour of church talked about tithing and fast offerings so she paid some fast offerings! We will be going back and teachin her this week.

Our progressing investigator named Natalie came to church this week which is a blessing! she has had a lot of car probs and hasn't been able to but she came and all the speakers talked on things that were so important for her progression in learning.

Yesterday for the first time since i've been here, we saw the ocean! Florida doesn't smell the best so it was awesome to smell the salt water coming off the surface.

I get to stay in West Palm for another transfer which is a blessing! We're finally starting to figure out how everything with the ward and area works!

I challenge everyone to notice the little miracles you see in your day! I've seen a big change in my gratitude towards our Heavenly Father by writing down the little things He does for me. I love our Savior Jesus Christ so much and I'm so grateful I get to be a part of His work. I know that He is always there to help and bless us, we just have to be humble and ask for it. Not only ask for it, but be willing to accept the answers He gives us! Love you all and may God bless :)

Sister Erickson

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