Sister Erickson

Sister Erickson

Monday, February 8, 2016

Going to the Temple

Hello everyone!
Things are great here. Right now we are working with this 21 yr old named Victoria who was found by sisters in our area knocking doors. Victoria told us that she wasn't going to answer the door for them but then she heard "a still small voice" tell her that she should. She described to us how she just felt so warm and happy as she talked with the sisters and she feels this way every time we meet with her. She is so driven to change her life and give up her natural man. We are excited to see her progress. However, there are often twists that come to a happy story, the day after we first met with her, she got called in to work every single day and unfortunately wasn't able to come to church. but she knows that the adversary is working on her and is driven to overcome challenges that come her way. 
We are also working with a guy named Nico from Haiti that loved meeting with the Elders for the first time! We have taught him about the restoration of the gospel and how the fruit of that is the Book of Mormon. He has so much interest in the book and has accepted to be baptized on the 27th of february. I have loved working with this age group and seeing people give up things of the world for things of God. It's so amazing. 
In the FFLM we are able to go to the temple if we have recent converts going for the first time. Sister Jennings's recent convert Bory was able to go and do baptisms and we were able to go with. I love the Spirit of the Temple and the peace that is felt there. I know it is the house of God and that as we keep our eyes set on it and are diligent to God's commandments so that we can go there, we will continue to draw closer to our Savior. 
Have a great week everyone :) Love you all.
Sister Kylie Erickson 

Mike, me, sis. J and Bory 
Lizbeth, our relief society pres. 

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