Sister Erickson

Sister Erickson

Monday, January 25, 2016


Hello everyone! 
This week has been an amazing week! We had a worldwide mission conference with all the missionaries in the world and I learned a ton. Elder Bednar talked primarily on the Spirit and how as missionaries, we carry the spirit to people's hearts, but their hearts have to be open to accept it. It truly is within the agency of others that the Spirit can thrive. 
In our stake, the group for the Young Single Adults was formed around October/November. The leaders took all the names of anyone in the area within 18-30 and threw them into our branch. There are a lot of less active people here/ people that have moved away so we have been doing a lot of work figuring out who lives where. This week we had plans to drop in and see someone by the name of Karra. We showed up to her house, turns out she has 4 kids, but she was way excited to see us! We shared a message with her and asked her to bear her testimony. She hasn't been to church for a very long time, for years but as she spoke, she referred to "her church" very often. We told her that we would help her to come back, to feel comfortable, and that her kids would be able to create their own testimonies. She has a son that hasn't been baptized and he's 9, so that was a miracle! We told the missionaries that are responsible for her area about her and they are going to work to help her come back to church and prepare her son to be baptized! It was amazing to see that even though we didn't help a "YSA" member, we were able to find her and help her family grow and progress! 
A couple of days later, we went to visit another less active member and after we did so, we began to knock the doors around him. Out of no where, we heart a car alarm and ran to see if it was ours. we left that particular building to check, (turns out it was another car) but when we went to go back to that building, we didn't really feel good about it. Instead, we went to the neighboring building, knocked a couple doors and left. As we were walking out, we stopped to talk to some haitians and gave them a card about the church. As we gave it to them, one of them yelled, "HEY! I've been to this church! I love this church!" turns out he had gone to church a lot over in Wellington! We told him about the church building closer to him and he got way excited to come and to be with people his own age. 
This week i've been reading a talk called "The Other Prodigal" by Jeffrey R Holland. One line i love from it is "Walk peacefully. Walk confidently. Walk without fear and without envy. Be reassured of Heavenly Father's abundance to you always." I know that the Lord loves us perfectly and has a perfect plan for all of us. We aren't here on this earth to compete for eternal life, He has prepared a way for everyone to have it. And i know that through the restored gospel on the earth today, we can get there. I love you all, have a great week!
Love Sister Kylie Erickson 

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