Sister Erickson

Sister Erickson

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

51 degrees

Well everyone, 
I'm not well equipped for this Florida winter.... It got to 51 degrees this morning and I don't know what to do! haha. the humidity here makes it miserably cold. I can only imagine what it's like in Wyoming. 
This week we had an amazing miracle through the Spirit. We were knocking on the street and as we were heading back to our car, I saw a house behind a house and felt the impression to go there. I thought it was just my brain so I kept walking.  the thought came into my head, "You now know that house is there, and you're just going to walk away?" without saying anything, I turned around and walked to the house. There we met Marcus, someone who hasn't prayed in years because his pastor told him that God didn't hear all of his prayers. When Marcus told him he was leaving that church, the pastor told him that God never would hear him. We prayed with him and he felt the Spirit. We testified that God hears every prayer and that He wants to hear from us. We committed him to pray tonight to God. He didn't commit to baptism, and he said he would come to church depending on how his prayer went, but I know that he needed us that day to share with him his worth and that he was more important to someone greater than us. 
A lot of people we are working with right now are friends of members of the congregation here. The youth are all missionary minded and want to share the goodness that they have. It's amazing to think that because of their examples, others have been curious about what they believe and know to be true, to the point that it starts to influence others too. 
The main message for me this week was that pure joy comes through helping others and seeing how it effects others. I've learned that in order for us to be happy, we have to give of ourselves to the Lord and if we serve those around us, then the Lord will bless us tenfold. Those that lose themselves will find themselves. I pray that some of the words I shared with you today will touch some hearts that needed them. I pray for you and am grateful that you are in my life and have helped me to be where I am today. Always remember to smile, be brave, and let the Lord help you. Because He will! I love my mission and all that it entails. Have a great week!
Love Sister Kylie Erickson 

Sister Pankratz and I- went minigolfing last Pday
bathroom selfies
Florida sunrise

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