Sister Erickson

Sister Erickson

Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Hey everyone! 
Things have been great in Southern Florida :) It has dropped down to 65 degrees and i've been freezing. I was hoping that Wyoming blood with help me out with that, but it hasn't. haha. 
So this week we got our transfer call and I will be transferring to Boynton Beach to be in the YSA branch for our stake! Boynton is about 30 min south of WPB and as YSA missionaries we will be driving around everywhere so i'll be back up in West Palm for sure. I've really come to love West Palm and the people here and i'll miss it. But a lot of new things are coming!
So this last week, we had a random phonecall from a lady named Joann. She had been in the hospital and all she wanted for Christmas was a bible. So we took it to her and introduced her to the Book of Mormon. A week later, she loves the BOM and loves the spirit she feels when she reads it. She has been wanting to be baptized and find a church that will love and accept her and as soon as she's out of the hospital she will be baptized and go to church! Joann is hilarious, she talks so sassy, tells about her former life doing drugs and the dumb decisions she made, and always talks about how she needs to get in the habit of having her "spiritual breakfast, spiritual lunch, spiritual dinner, and spiritual snack." In other words, she want's to get in the habit of praying and reading the scriptures. She is a fireball! but she's so ready for these changes. 
The holidays were fantastic here and it's crazy that it's 2016. May the Lord bless you and keep you this new year! Something I learned this week comes from a talk from Elder Holland. In one of his talks he is explaining his idea of what Christ said to His disciple Peter. "Peter, if i wanted fish, I could get fish. What I need Peter, is disciples." It's really made me ponder how everything is in the Lord's power. But He asks us to do things so we can show Him that we want to serve Him and that we would do anything for Him. I hope everyone this year continues on the road to following our Savior- it is through Him that we find the utmost happiness :)
Have a great week! Love you all.
Sister Kylie Erickson 

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