Sister Erickson

Sister Erickson

Monday, July 18, 2016

Hey there! How is everyone doing? Things are great here, just living the dream. Here is what happened this week:
Devin was baptized! Satan tried hard to beat him down for sure. He told his parents this week that he was getting baptized and they did not support him at all. But he told us "Satan will do whatever he can and he's working because all of this is true." it was amazing to hear that come from him and to see him stay strong. His parents ended up coming to the baptism which really meant a lot to him. He had a huge countenance change when he received the Holy Ghost. I am so happy for him.

We had an AMAZING MIRACLE happen this week. So we were going on an exchange with some sisters and while me and the sister were coming back, we saw an Eminem lookalike gangster talking to Sister Tarullo. come to find out, he was trying to sell them perfume from his backpack. Sketchy. She said no, but asked him how old he was when he said 27. So she gave him a chapel card and our information. He texted us 10 min later saying he wanted to learn more about our message. We met with him the next day in McDonald's but we had our guard up a bit because we weren't really sure how it was going to go. We began to talk about his desires and Steven explained to us that he has been on and off heroin and meth and in and out of engineering job because of his addiction. He told us he had had enough and he was ready for more of Christ in his life. We told him our purpose and began to teach the restoration. We began by asking him what he saw on the front page. He began to cry and I began to feel a deep warmth in my chest. He explained to us the feelings of the Spirit and we told him to pay attention to those feelings throughout the lesson. By the end he said he would believe that Joseph Smith was a prophet and he gave the closing prayer in which he asked if this was all true and for the Lord to give him a sign and help him recognize the truth. After the prayer, he sat there with his eyes closed for 4 minutes. We began to get a little nervous and were hoping he was breathing!! But we sat and waited. When he opened his eyes, he grabbed his face and said, "What was that?! I have never felt that before. What am I feeling? This is better than any drug I have ever had." He cried again and told us he knew this was true, that he could change, and that he would come to church. What a phenomenal experience!

We got to talk about the Spirit with recent convert Domanique and the many different ways it speaks to us. I invite you all to watch the Light series by David A Bednar on it talks about all the ways we can feel heaven close. She told us she was bringing a surprise and showed up with chips and queso haha. she said "Queso's always good for the soul!"
Thanks for the light you all bring to my life. I'm truly grateful for you all. 
Love Sister Erickson

Giant Missionary Meeting
Devin's Baptism!
Sister Exchanges
Hurricane training ;) 

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