Sister Erickson

Sister Erickson

Monday, July 25, 2016

This week was a great week. A little bit slow on the finding, but good nonetheless. We know that there are YSA out there to teach for us at this time, but we are secretly excited for the school year to start up again so that all the student housing and neighborhood homes get filled again! This week the motto I adapted was "Let go and let God." Things are out of our control sometimes but we just have to give it to Him and He will provide us with new investigators as long as we do all we can. 
This week was a big learning week. I had been pondering how I could be more in tune with the Spirit. One day I was prompted to read "Always Retain a Remission of their Sins" By David A Bednar and it was EXACTLY what i needed. I was reminded that the Spirit will ALWAYS be with us if we ALWAYS remember Him, take His name upon us, and keep His commandments. So this week I am going to improve my own repentance and think of Him more often. I know that thinking more of the "why" for the work will help me think of Christ more and I will be directed more clearly. 
Our rescue Hunter has been having a bumpy road. He had started smoking cigarettes again and he was just in tears saying that he just wanted to stop. We tried to let the Spirit flow through us to say what he needed, but nothing seemed to be working. I had been praying the whole time to only say what God would have me say. Out of no where I shared my testimony of the BOM and of Captain Moroni and his battle plans to fortify their bases. At that instant we helped him create a battle plan for himself for when he comes across temptation. We included in it tangible goals for his CPR (church, prayer, reading). He felt so accomplished and he hasn't smoked a cigarette this whole week! It really strengthened my testimony of our personal study. I had read that a couple days before and the Spirit was able to draw from my remembrance for him. It was pretty cool. 
Hope you all are doing great! keep up the good work and remember who's in charge! :)
Love Sister Erickson

Went to the beach and stood on a giant fishing dock!

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