Sister Erickson

Sister Erickson

Monday, September 12, 2016

Hey y'all!
How you all doing? This was a great week with a lot of powerful miracles that came simply from heaven. No other explanation. 
Our miracle from this week came as we gave a chapel tour to a guy named Fred that we are teaching. He is pretty funny, he acts like a "Joe Shmo" type of guy but as soon as we pray or start talking about the gospel, he switches moods and just starts acting so tender and touched by the Spirit. The Spirit really has a calming nature with it, it's great. We met with a less active who had been antied by the internet and her friends and we taught her the Restoration and wow. It was incredible. It was probably the most clear and precise lesson i have ever been a part of on my mission. We explained God's pattern for prophets, the pattern of apostasy, and talked a lot about the apostasy which really set the stage for her understanding the Restoration. She admitted to us that she had never had it explained that well to her and she really didn't see the importance of JS because she didn't really understand that the priesthood was completely taken! We read JSH with her where he read in the bible, he saw God, the Father and Jesus Christ, and where it says that other churches profess the the doctrine of man, sprinkled with godliness but they deny the power thereof. She read that verse and the Spirit FLOODED the room. She spoke very loudly saying "This is why I joined this church in the first place. This is the only church that doesn't do that." She then came to church and was so happy the whole time. My heart is so full and I feel the spirit typing it now! We absolutely CANNOT give up on our brothers and sisters. We can't afford it and they can't either.
Elder Cook of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles gave a worldwide devotional last night that was AMAZING. Some things he talked about:
*"Enthusiasm is common, Perseverance, is rare."
*We must have goals. It doesn't matter if you change them, but we must always be working diligently towards them. This is an eternal principle of progression that we must develop in our lives. 
Have a great week!
Sister Erickson

My super cute friend Sister Haws
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