Sister Erickson

Sister Erickson

Monday, November 2, 2015

Everyone! I hope everyone is doing so good! God is too good and I hope that He has blessed you immensely :) He has me. 
This week was so special. Anderson from Haiti, is getting baptized this sunday! he is such a strong example of true conversion to me. He has let Christ take all of his sins and pains and let him take them away. I have loved seeing him grow. he is so special. God has blessed him so much, his first language is creole and he has only been speaking english for 5 months. every time we talk with him, his english is better and better. He is such a blessing in my life!
I was blessed to translate yesterday's sacrament meeting into sign language for my friend Angela and her 2 friends that aren't members of the church. I know that God needed them to learn from coming to church and I'm glad that He was able to speak to them through me. 
Miracles are happening every day and i'm so glad that I get to represent Christ for these 18 months. May the Lord bless you and keep you all. Love you! Have the greatest week!

Love, Sister Erickson 

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